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Demon Portal Project

2007-09-30 21:18:10 by claude-kolodzinski

Heyo peeps! Some of you may know this, some of you may not, responding to comments people have made about my flash submissions I mentioned a certain "Demon Portal" project that I might start working on. Well, the day has finally come. I'm getting my lazy ass in gear and working on it as I'm typing this, Though it will follow the same time line as my Demon Portal comics (To potential jackers, sorry, already copyrighted :p) this animation will b @ a certain point in the timeline, not at the very beginning. I'm thinking of doing a small animation included in this project to quickly summerise what has happened in the story up to the point where this animation kicks off. Good idea? Would you like? :D So far I have done 1minute of animation with sound fx, some music but NO voices at the moment, im going to wait till i finish it to add voices. In the mean time, any of you kind enough to read this and notice it on the front page, I might need your assistance, *VOICE ACTORS NEEDED* male and female. Please PM me for more details. If this has got you interested in the Demon Portal Universe feel free to PM me also if you want to see pics or knwo about the story and characters or whatever. Thank you all for your time. X


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2007-10-01 01:00:31

First, please use paragraphs. This was hard to read in one big chunk.

Demon Portal got me interested though. Can we get any more info on what this might be about? Will you use realistic drawn people, or that cartoony looking guy from your last cartoon.

I might help you with the voice acting if you're going for a more realistic look. If you wanted me to voice act, of course. But I'm from the U.S., so I won't have a british accent if that's what you would prefer.

Anyways, sounds cool, hope you keep the music metal. :)

claude-kolodzinski responds:

Very well, I shall use paragraphs if you so desire.

Of course I would be more than happy to discuss Demon Portal with you. It is kinda realistic, the style will be anime.

The "cartoony looking guy" MIGHT make an appearence as he has been a character of mine since day one. BUT, as I said, its a MIGHT. Erm, do you have Msn or Yahoo or somethng? I think it would be far easier to discuss Demon Portal like that, and plus we can talk about using ur voice acting talents :).

Try to think of suttin like "Bleach", and you will get an idea of how it looks :p. Yeh I'm hoping to keep to a metal sound track, also it is perfectly fine if you have an american accent, it doesnt matter really just so long as your voice suits the character. :D

Hope to hear from you soon, thanks for taking an interest! :D